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Medicare Orphan? Let us adopt you!

Have you lost your medicare agent? Let us adopt you and get you back on the right track!

Too many people choose one Medicare plan when they first become eligible for Medicare, based upon their health and finances at the time, from the Medicare plans that were available at that time, and then never go back and review that decision. If this is describes you, then you are paying too much. Let us help you save money and find you more benefits. It costs you nothing to hire us, and we do all the work for you. Easy and painless.

Medicare Plan Myths debunked.

I got the best possible plan when I signed up years ago.  Things don’t change that much. 

  1. If you have Original Medicare and a Supplement now, new companies enter the market every year, and Congress makes changes to Medicare supplement plans frequently, creating new plans and taking old plans away.  Plus, some companies experience higher premium increases than others. If you haven’t reviewed your supplement plan in the last few years, you are paying too much.

  2. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, each calendar year, advantage plan companies can and do make changes, often adding new benefits or lowering co-pays and other out of pocket costs. Plus, if your prescriptions have changed over the years, it is to your benefit to review coverage changes yearly. Plus, we will do the work for you to make it easy for you to see when a change will save you money.


I won’t get approved to switch because of my poor health. 


  1. For Medicare Supplements, you can get approved, even with health challenges, but you need an insurance agent with the expertise to learn all about your health challenges, and match you to a supplement insurance company that will accept you.  Every supplement company is free to decide who they will take and who they won’t and it varies widely by company.  In other words, you need an agent who has taken the time to know which companies will accept your health conditions and which ones won’t.

  2. Medicare Advantage plans must accept anyone who has Medicare Parts A & B and continues to pay their monthly Part B premium, as long as you live in the counties that make up the plans service area.

I might lose benefits if I switch supplement plans now.

  1. Medicare Supplements are “Standardized” or exactly the same by Federal Law.  This makes it easy to make an “apples to apples” premium comparison.  You will be shocked at the premium differences for the same Plan coverage between different companies.

  2. If you choose to drop your supplement and try a Medicare Advantage plan for the first time, Federal law gives you 12 months to decide if you like the Advantage plan. If at anytime in the first 12 months you decide you want your old supplement back, you can leave the advantage plan, and get your old supplement back without any hassles or health questions. We call this the “12 month test drive”. Call or stop by the our office next to the 95 th street Hy-Vee to learn more.

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