Learning Medicare

Medicare Doesn't Have to be Confusing

Our no-cost educational seminars will show you how to properly evaluate Medicare, answering questions such as:
  • Should I stay (on Employer Group) or should I go (Medicare)?

  • How do I decide what plan is right for me?

  • How do I compare plan benefits and cost?

  • How and when do I sign up for Medicare?

  • And many more...

Educational Medicare Seminars

Now Broadcast Live on our YouTube channel


Our Educational Medicare Seminars have moved online for your safety and convenience.

Please check out our YouTube Live Medicare Class offerings by clicking the button below.

Why stream live on YouTube?

  1. Ease and Convenience

  2. Safe environment during Covid 19

  3. Nothing to download, easy to click watch and learn

  4. Join late? You can restart from the beginning and not miss anything

  5. Automatically recorded and available to view again shortly after program ends.

  6. Eliminates background noise from other attendees = No distractions for your learning

  7. You can still ask questions live, one of three ways

    1.     YouTube chat window

    2.     Email questions to info@amskc.com

    3.     Text questions to 913-214-1361




#1 High quality audio and video - we have upgraded our equipment and created a separate studio in our office dedicated only to online video production to give you a quality online streaming experience.  No grainy webcam or tinny audio on our channel.

You can also reach us directly

Frequently Asked Questions

Our no-cost educational seminars will show you how to properly evaluate Medicare, answering questions such as:​
  • When and how do I sign up for Medicare?

  • What are my choices for enrolling?

  • What is a Medicare Supplement? 

  • How do I properly compare Employer Group Coverage to Medicare and decide the best options for both myself and my spouse?

  • Can I enroll in Medicare and Social Security retirement income at the same time and do I need to start both at the same time?

  • How do I pay for Medicare?

  • How much will a Medicare cost compared to my group coverage?

  • How do I compare plan benefits and cost?  

  • What are the differences between Supplements and Advantage Plans?

  • How do I determine the true out of pocket costs for my prescription medicine?

  • How do I choose the right drug plan at the lowest cost for my specific medicines?

  • How does the Donut Hole work for 2020 and how can I determine if and how it will affect me. What are the best ways to avoid the Donut Hole? 

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